What We Do

There is nothing more emotionally and physically draining than having a stalker or stalkers harassing you 24/7, ruining your reputation, and turning your life upside down.  One of the most challenging aspects of stalking cases is that it’s possible (Depending on the state and jurisdiction) that the stalker hasn’t actually broken any laws, and law enforcement may not have cause for an arrest.  Group X Investigations has extensive experience in dealing with obsessive stalkers and stopping them from further tormenting our clients.

We Offer

- Local, State, and International Network of Investigators

- Largest Databases of Public Information

- Working with Lawyers, Law Enforcement, and other Government Agencies

- Hard and Court Admissible Evidence

- Experienced and Licensed Investigators

- Experience with a Variety of Cases

Our Services Include: - Investigating Stalkers and Deranged Individuals - Providing Protection Services and Bodyguards - Identifying Anonymous Social Media Profiles - Email and IP address Tracing - Conducting a Threat Analysis and Adjusting Security Procedures to Address the New Threats - Investigating Fraud, Scams, and Defamation - Identifying the Source of Anonymous Email and Text Messages - Forensic Recovery Why Choose Group X Investigations? - Court Admissible Evidence We provide high quality court admissible evidence that can make all the difference in establishing guilt and liability in civil and criminal proceedings. - A Specialized Team of Investigators We have assembled a specialized team in dealing with stalkers. The multi-discipline team include experts in physical security, network security, civil and criminal law, and psychiatry. Their expertise is crucial to how we assess and conduct stalking investigations. - We Get Results We get the Job done. It's that simple!

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